The apartment is designed for long-term rental, both in terms of price and furnishing & equipment. If you have read the description, especially the menu point "Surrounding" and you can appreciate it, you have an great advantage over the tourist centres such as Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samui or Bangkok; the entire living costs are unbeatable low, the infrastructure is great, and if you are longing for tourist centres, then the time to travel from here by car (Hua Hin, Phuket), by train (Bangkok), by bus (Bangkok, Phuket), by ship (Koh Samui) or by plane (Bangkok) is quite manageable. The quality of life and the great surrounding makes your (long-term) holiday or permanent residency unforgettable.

The whole open area (pool, tropical garden, decking, pavillion, sea-water canal) is not visible from the street and gives a very private feeling, ideal for day dreaming and relaxing. The only ones you will share this area with is us, your host family. Some of our guest also use the area, together with the quite reliable internet, for working.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to seeing you here in Chumphon. 

Marble floor tiles cover the 60 mē guest apartment inside. Furthermore, you will find a fully tiled bathroom with fixtures, kitchenette (various cabinets and drawers, pan, pot, water cooker, oven etc.), walk-in closet, leather couch in the living area, tables and chairs, several other furniture, refrigerator, ventilator as well as a covered terrace. The bedroom is equipped with a health-friendly air-conditioner, a 5ft double bed and bedding.

The front and rear entrance doors can, of course, be locked, as can the bedroom-door; a small safe is available. You will find the whole flat to be of a high quality western standard.

Bicycles and kayaks can be shared. Motorcycle can rented for a fee.