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We, Oon and Matt, live for years in the main house of the property. For us it is paradise and we treat it like this. You can follow me (Matt) on my extended cycling or kayaking tours. Often you can find me in my hammock or we explore by car/motorbike new "undiscovered" beaches and a magnificent countryside. Just come and find out yourself. A few times a year I work in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur as an bank consultant. Language wise we can communicate in Thai , English and German and all other languages we use our hands and imagination.

You can come to us on your own, however, for the first time it might be a bit difficult. Ideally, you rent a taxi at the railway station in Chumphon for about 300 Baht to our place in Pak Nam (about 15 km). Of course, we can also organise a pick up service.

All pictures on our website were taken by ourselves

Our postal address:

510/115 Mu 8 Pag Nam
Amphoe Muang Chumphon
86120 Thailand

    in Thai, it looks like this:

510/115 หมู่ 8 ต. ปากน้ำ
อ. เมือง
จ. ชุมพร 86120

Just copy and paste the coordinates below into Google to see the exact location as well as a dated satellite picture:

1025'30.4"N 9914'26.3"E

The easiest, you can contact us via email:


We look forward to seeing you here soon!