... Life here is pure, original, and intense. The climate is subtropical and the temperatures are almost always higher than 25 degrees during the day and at night won't fall below 20 degrees during the cold season.

The property has an upscale western standard, the whole infrastructure is very good and the lack of tourists, paired with the world-famous friendliness of the Thais makes life here paradise.

The rental price is optimized for long-term tenants; you want to try out short time first - no problem; if you decide to stay long term we will credit you the more favourable long-term rent in retrospect.





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Welcome to Baan Metawi, our residence in Pak Nam, a district of Chumphon. Well known for a mid-sized, quite colourful fishing port, lively markets and shops for locals. Plenty of shrimp farms, coconut-, rubber-, palm oil plantations as well as a stunning and spectacular mangrove national park. Famous for its natural beauty, largely untouched by mass tourism, with plenty of unspoilt exotic beaches.